Blending Colours and Integrating Patterns: Unique Painting IdeasBlending Colours and Integrating Patterns: Unique Painting Ideas

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Blending Colours and Integrating Patterns: Unique Painting Ideas

Hi. My name is Kate. Welcome to my blog. I love painting, but I also love the art of collage. As a result, I like to play with colours and patterns when I painting. I have done everything from painting with sponges to freehand painting murals and patterns. I love it. As a busy mum with two kids and several dogs, I don't always have the time to paint that I like, but if I had more time, I would probably repaint a room every other week. Anyway, I decided to start a blog about painting and wallpapering. I hope you like these ideas.

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Is It Time to Give Your Wood Garage Door a Touch of Fresh Paint?

For houses with garages, garage doors are one of the most conspicuous parts of the house exteriors. If your garage door is made of wood and has a paint finish, you will need to occasionally repaint the door so that it can retain its good looks as well as the protective coating it needs to withstand exposure to harsh weather elements such as direct sunlight, persistent rain and high humidity. 

If you are a DIY enthusiast, repainting your painted wood garage door is a job you may want to take on. But first things first, you will need to know how to go about the job the right way. Here are a step-by-step guide on what you need to do to reinstate your painted wood garage door's beauty and protective coating when it wears out or looks waned.

Prep your door for painting.

Over time, dirt and grime will builds up on the surface of your wooden garage door, making your door look dull and faded. If the build-up is not removed from the surface of your garage door prior to the application of fresh paint, it will affect the ability of liquid paint to adhere well to the substrate — the wood surface onto which fresh paint is to be applied.

To ensure the surface of the wood is properly prepped, remove the old, dried paint from your door with a hard-bristled brush. Thereafter, hose down the door with water from a garden hose connected to a tap so as to clear out loose paint peelings. After you have finished cleaning the door, leave it to dry properly.

Once the door is clean and dry, smooth out any coarse areas with sandpaper. Wipe down the sanded areas with a clean rag so as to remove sanding dust that may have remained on the surface of the door. You'll be left with a smooth, clean and dry wood surface that is suitable for paint application. 

Paint your door.

Mix your paint, take your paint brush and/or roller and begin painting! Start working from the top of the door and finish at the bottom so you won't have to worry about any dripping paint. Be sure to give your door a minimum of two coats of paint — the first coat to protect the substrate wood from the elements and the second coat to give the wood the beautiful look that you so much desire. It is important that you allow the first coat of paint enough time to dry properly before you can apply the second application.

Also, make sure you check the weather — exposure to direct sunshine can cause the paint to dry too fast, resulting in poor painting results. 

The surest way to ensure your wooden garage door is repainted correctly the first time is to hire a professional painter to do the job for you.