Blending Colours and Integrating Patterns: Unique Painting IdeasBlending Colours and Integrating Patterns: Unique Painting Ideas

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Blending Colours and Integrating Patterns: Unique Painting Ideas

Hi. My name is Kate. Welcome to my blog. I love painting, but I also love the art of collage. As a result, I like to play with colours and patterns when I painting. I have done everything from painting with sponges to freehand painting murals and patterns. I love it. As a busy mum with two kids and several dogs, I don't always have the time to paint that I like, but if I had more time, I would probably repaint a room every other week. Anyway, I decided to start a blog about painting and wallpapering. I hope you like these ideas.

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3 Pro Tips That Will Help You Get the Best Results in Your Commercial Painting Project

Commercial paintwork is different from the residential painting projects you normally handle alone. The area covered by paint is extensive, and the results have to be perfect. The colours and quality of the paintwork you pick for your business premises will affect the image you send to your current and potential customers about your business.

If your business is still growing, you might be tempted to have the employees help with the paintwork; however, you will gain more when you spend some money on a professional painting contractor. Here are three professional painting tips that will help you achieve the best results in your commercial painting projects.

Have the Walls Prepared Before Painting

If you are repainting old walls, the first step should be stripping off the old paint and then cleaning the walls. In most cases, regular cleaning might not help, which is why you need commercial painters with tools such as sandblasters. They will scrub the walls clean and use other chemical methods to dissolve any stubborn stains.

If the walls have blemishes on them, they will use filler to repair them. This protects your wall from odd depressions and blemishes. The commercial painters will also pick the ideal primer to prepare the walls before applying the actual paint.

Pick the Right Paint Colours

Many brands, colours and paint finishes are available in the market. Some paints are glossy, while others are matte. When choosing the colour, you have to think about your brand and the colours that represent you. The commercial painting company will help you figure out how to incorporate these colours into your interiors.

The professionals know how many coats of paint they will need to achieve the perfect finish, and they have all the right tools to finish the work within the shortest time.

Check the Painter's Qualifications

Commercial painting work needs permits, licensing and insurance. When interviewing the painting company, ask them if they have these documents. If you choose a non-certified painter, you get a sub-standard paint job that you might have to repeat later. However, when you let an experienced and certified painter hand the painting project, you will get excellent results. 

Painting your commercial building is among the most effective ways you can use to help your business grow. However, it all begins with hiring the right painting contractors for the job. By conducting your due diligence, you create beautiful, durable and safe interior walls for your workplace.